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Trinity Church, Antarctica – A prominent researcher of the Great Flood is hoping to walk two Emperor Penguins from Antarctica to Jerusalem, Israel. Professor Jackson Matirko of the Theological Institute of Technology intends to show the world it is possible for a male and female penguin to waddle and swim the 8,275.64 miles. When the trek is successfully over he believes it will be clear proof animals were able to cross massive distances in order to get into Noah’s Ark. “The American intends to do the impossible,” said Russian Colonel Ivan Canard who commands the base where Trinity Church is located. “It makes me think of the Russian saying Nana told me, “Ivan, trust in God, but don’t trust him to pull your testicles out of the permafrost.”

The Great Journey Begins

Starting bright and early Professor Matirko brought the two Emperor Penguins named Adam and Eve out of Trinity Church. Those present were impressed by how well the two birds took to leash training. The Professor showed off a bit for the cameras by showing how well his feathered friends responded to simple voice commands. There was an audible gasp from the small crowd when Adam and Eve responded aggressively when they heard “Richard Dawkins.”

“I thought it wise to train the penguins to attack upon command,” Professor Matirko said. “What better two words to initiate a flightless bird attack than that heathen Richard Dawkins?”

However, it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Protesters carried signs that read Cruelty in every waddle, and Penguins are born atheists! 


The Great Journey lasted 20 minutes. When the three got to the coast it became painfully obvious Professor Matirko did not plan on how he was going to traverse the ocean. “I was hoping God would just part the waves,” he admitted. “It looks like I’m going to have to get a boat.”

Until this “minor” problem is resolved the Great Journey is being put on hold.

Friends of the two Emperor Penguins admit Adam and Eve are relieved. They have no idea how their human friend could believe in the Great Flood to begin with.


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