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Dan Arel stops by the Naked Diner Podcast and talks social activism, politics, and atheism. Dan is a writer and recently wrote the Introduction to Godless: 150 Years of Disbelief and Parenting Without God: How to Raise Moral, Ethical, and Intelligent Children, Free from Religious Dogma (Second Edition). He also contributes to OpenSource, Time, Salon, AlterNet, Huffington Post, and The New Arab.

While talking with Dan I came up with the term Racist Red Scare to sum up Donald Trump’s campaign strategy. I’m quite taken with it, to tell you the truth.

And in other news, I still think the Democrats should’ve went with an NCAA-style bracket system to run these debates. In this system there would be two candidates going head to head for sixty minutes. The winner would move on to the next round. The rewards to such a system are obvious:

  • Voters get to know candidates in ways a 12 person melee just can’t offer.
  • Excitement. You have to wonder why the DNC hasn’t figured out they need to get their base pumped up.
  • Greater media coverage. All the debates would b covered by major media.

Enough about me.

Enjoy the podcast!

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