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Dr. Oz lost his bid to become a Senator. Many experts believe Oz would never have won the GOP primary if it wasn’t for former President Donald J. Trump’s support. So, Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman dealt Oz as well as the former President a very public defeat.

But, what will Dr. Oz do now?

It’s been said that when one door closes, God opens a window on the 50th floor to jump through. There are many options for a person with his skill set. Here are three new career opportunities for Dr. Mehmet Oz.

You Can’t Fool All The People All Of The Time Spokesperson

Abraham Lincoln once said, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” The Lincoln Project is negotiating with Oz to be their poster boy exemplifying that nugget of wisdom.


Dr. Oz has all the skills to be a televangelist.

  1. He already has a gullible fanbase from his TV show.
  2. He already has a gullible GOP fanbase from running for office.
  3. He’s experienced in selling products that don’t work.

FOX News Science Denier

FOX News is always looking for people with sketchy pasts to attack the scientific consensus about vaccines, climate, sexuality, etc. And guess what? Dr. Oz is willing to kiss on the lips (with tongue) any pseudoscientific theory that’s profitable!

In related news, an altar boy was found in a cardinal’s pants, and the Vatican admits ‘irregularity.’

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