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I just had this conversation with my girlfriend.

Me: People aren’t going to like me crapping all over their candidates. I only do it when it’s necessary and/or funny.

Her: So, you’re deciding to bite the hand that feeds you.

Me: My opinions aren’t for sale. The good thing, however, is when I’m proven right tons of people will congratulate me and become Patrons. It’ll be just like 2016 when I predicted Trump was going to win. People rewarded my honesty.

Her: Really?

Me: No. I didn’t get any credit for that.

And… end scene.

Does this have something to do with Andy’s Follies #35 and the bonus panel? I’ll let you decide.

If you’re a Patron, you can check out the bonus panel here.

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Andrew Hall escaped a childhood of religious indoctrination and is now a non-miserable human being. He's made millions of people laugh as well as angry. (He hopes he's made the right people annoyed.) Targets...

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