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CEO of Twitter Elon Musk reportedly made personal sacrifices to make the first installment of Twitter’s $1.5 billion per year interest payment. The agreement he made with borrowers when he bought the social media platform stipulates Twitter make four annual payments of $300 million. And the first one hit the CEO and employees hard.

Everyone made sacrifices.

Elon Musk

Many in the business community were skeptical that the payment was going to be made on time. The Financial Times reports that while Musk paid $44 billion for Twitter, the company is currently worth approximately $15 billion. Worse yet, revenues have dropped 40% since Musk took the helm.

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Poor decisions by the CEO seem to have harmed the brand. For example, Musk brought in beds for overworked employees to sleep in and then had to confront a bedbug problem.

The bedbugs were first spotted by software engineer Andrew Canard. Canard noticed what looked like to be bug bites all over his body. “I had these red itchy spots all over me,” he said. “I took a look at the bed in my office and there they were — bedbugs.”

Elon Musk: ‘I have the bedbug problem under control’

After declaring Twitter a free speech platform the CEO banned millions of users due to “Twitter dumpster fire parties.”

Elon Musk is banning millions of Twitter users because they are throwing Twitter dumpster fire parties. The celebrations range from black-tie galas catering to the rich and powerful to small get-togethers where close friends huddle around the social media platform’s flames. As soon as partiers upload their festive photos and videos, they are the recipients of the ban hammer.

Musk bans users over ‘Twitter dumpster fire parties’

Stories are leaking out on how Musk was able to make the first $300 million payment. Hundreds of employees have “donated” a kidney to the CEO. Where did these organs end up? On the black market.

Even though US law prohibits the selling of human organs there is a thriving international black market in kidneys. Affluent and desperate people are willing to pay top dollar. Add up all those kidney sales and you get the first payment on the interest of the loan.

Musk insists that he’s made personal sacrifices, too. Just last week he brought his own lunch to work. Insiders say it was a chicken salad sandwich stuffed with Cheetos Flaming Hot Popcorn.

The next payment of $300 million is due in a few months. No one is sure where the cash will come from. With many employees having only one kidney perhaps each person will donate a lung?

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