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Last week I reported a story of how a man in Oregon shot his own dick while playing with his pistol in a supermarket checkout line. As if it were a challenge on who can do the most crazy with a gun, a Florida man chose to shoot through his windshield at another car.

WIS 10 News reports:

A dashcam video shows a driver on a highway near Orlando firing at another car through his own windshield.

The intense moment was posted on YouTube by driver Marco Mazzetta, who said he was trying to defend himself because he believes he or the passenger in his car were in danger of being shot.

When you hear what happened next you’re going to think That is so ‘Murica! and That presidential debate doesn’t seem that crazy in comparison.

The in-car video shows another car driving aggressively

At one point, it gets extremely close to Mazzetta’s truck.

He said he tapped the brakes and the other car bumped him from behind. It then sped around him.

Later, the other driver slowed down, pulled out a gun and pointed it at him, Mazzetta said.

That’s when Mazzetta said he took out his own gun and fired because he feared the other man was going to shoot him.

“I’m not a fan of guns; I’m a fan of not getting shot,” Mazzetta said via text.

“I know this video doesn’t capture my smartest moments, but I hope any idiot criminal with a gun watching thinks twice before loading, brandishing and aiming their firearm at someone over a traffic infraction.”

It’s as if both drivers were shooting to win a Darwin Award.

Check out the video.

YouTube video

Here’s the link to YouTube.

Some of the comments were spot on, which is weird for YouTube.


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