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Early this morning Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis was rushed to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and placed in the intensive care unit. Yesterday, witnesses say the 42-year-old experienced flu-like symptoms. These symptoms became problematical and the Republican found it difficult to breathe. Doctors quickly discovered that the man who’s been fighting mask mandates and vaccine passports in the Sunshine State had COVID.

Doctors Refuse To Care For DeSantis

Shockingly, once Governor DeSantis was admitted, nurses, doctors, and physician assistants all refused to treat him. It appears the politician made every single medical professional his enemy. Currently, he is in a room surrounded by faith healers and homeopaths.

Doctor Andrew Canard is the head of the ICU had this to say about the situation, “DeSantis? He’s not one of my patients. And if he was I’d tell him to follow common-sense public health policies.”

Many people are enraged and many others see karmic payback. Republicans who don’t believe COVID is real are wondering why DeSantis is feeding into the big lie of microchipped facemasks and magnetic vaccines that make people infertile. Democrats and other independents who trust the science are reflecting on the situation with a subdued sense of glee.

“It’s wrong to celebrate an evil man’s suffering, isn’t it?” asked one anonymous voter.

The Vaccine To The Rescue

Medical professionals seem to agree that DeSantis may be suffering right now, but he will probably pull through. The Florida Governor did get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in April and it’s been shown that while the vaccinated can get breakthrough infections, it’s highly unlikely they will die.

“Oh, I’m sure he’s going to be walking around in no time unless something happens to him and he takes a tragic turn for the worst. Yeah, that would be a shame,” Dr. Canard said.

In related news, Rudy Giuliani declares double bankruptcy.


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