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Hollywood, California – The veteran standup comedian Fozzie Bear is hosting his very own Halloween special. The show titled Waka Waka Woooooooo! is to feature a variety of celebrities doing classic sketch comedy bits like Who the heck lets their kid out trick or treating during a pandemic? and the ever-popular Borsht belt belly laughs. What is turning a lot of heads about this particular special is Fozzie’s insistence on running a skit where President Donald Trump dies of COVID-19.

The Joke That’s Going To Murder Trump

Fans of Fozzie never guessed their comedy hero bore a deep resentment for Trump. After all, the comedian’s shtick centered around bad puns, bad jokes, and the simple fact he’s a bear wearing a pork pie hat and a polka dot necktie. There didn’t seem a lot of space in the act where the ursine comedy star could engage in serious political commentary.

Professor Andrew Canard teaches such classes as Fozzie’s Bearly Funny Fridays and William Waka Waka Shakespeare. He’s also a longtime member of Muppet Fans International (MFI). He believes the veteran comic has finally had enough.

Here’s what Professor Canard had to say:

Fozzie is a very private sort of fellow. He’s more in the mold of Johnny Carson than a modern-day Instagram focused celebrity. It’s been the President’s assault on the very foundations of our democracy that led him to write the sketch of Donald Trump dying from coronavirus. But fans shouldn’t worry. I’ve read a draft of the script and it’s hilarious. I don’t want to give anything away but there’s a respirator-vacuum cleaner joke in there that’s sure to kill.

FOX News Reaction

Predictably, the conservative entertainment channel is up in arms over the comedic assault on their orange-colored god. Every one of its entertainers is armed with talking points and Uncle Wiggly’s Yelling Tonic. They are ready to take on what they are calling Fozziegate. Carson Tucker claims he has Fozzie’s emails showing the comedian’s illicit dealings with Russian honeys. Sean Hannity is running a segment called Muppet or puppet?  Does he even know and can we trust Fozzie?  Laura Ingraham’s show is titled Hey, I’m still here please watch my show.

Fozzie Bear’s agent released a simple statement to the haters, “Fozzie Bear is worth a hundred Carsons, a thousand Hannitys, and who is Laura Ingraham?”

In related news, the US Senate passes the Karen Amendment.

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