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Evangelical leader Franklin Graham is a proud supporter of President Trump. Pastor Graham took to social media yesterday and thanked him for four years of unprecedented accomplishments. He reminded followers of Trump’s support for evangelical rights and faith-based culture.

What made the social media declarations outright weird is Pastor Graham declaring, “President Trump is the Baby Shark of American leaders.” And he meant it in a positive way.

Franklin Graham Loves Baby Shark Dance

Baby Shark Dance is the most-watched video on YouTube and one of the most hated songs in the history of the world. Baby Shark has over 7 billion views. It’s a kids’ song, and for most adults listening to it is like getting a hot poker in the eye.

YouTube video

The friends and family of Graham admit the man has a problem and that problem is that the evangelist can’t get enough Baby Shark. “He has it for his phone. He’s got a remix of it for his doorbell. And when he’s praying he sometimes ends with do-do-do-di-do,” says longtime associate Andrew Canard.

Evangelical Scandal

This was the first time Pastor Graham admitted in public he loves the video that has sent countless parents insane. To make matters worse, he’s admitting to loving many things that are horrible: Jar Jar Binks, mayo and salsa sandwiches, and reading through each and every spam email he gets.

Members of his church are doing their best to cope with the revelations. Many openly wonder if Pastor Graham is so wrong about vital issues like Jar Jar Binks, then how can he right about Jesus or for that matter Jesus’ vessel on Earth President Trump?

“His love for spam email makes me wonder if his judgment is pure,” admits one parishioner. “I don’t want to know what the man thinks about Nickelback.”

In related news, most evangelicals believe the second commandment protects the right to bear firearms.

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