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Las Vegas, NV – Larry Flynt’s Hustler’s Club is offering one free lap dance per day for an entire year with proof of COVID-19 vaccination. General Manager Andrew Canard stated the Las Vegas institution for higher adult entertainment is dedicated to pleasure and public health.

The History Of Larry Flynt’s Hustler’s Club

The business’ site boasts the history as well as the awesome qualities of this pleasure dome right on the strip:

Opened in September of 2010, Larry’s new place contains a heady air of possibilities, starting with visitor seducing sights and sounds from the minute you touch down at the club. It is comprised of 70,000 square feet of astounding elegance spread across three floors and a resident executive basement reserved for management and the entertainers.

Secondly, it is also a world-class event center and nightclub featuring five affixed bars and crowned with a year round oasis of bliss on the rooftop. This area encourages the larger parties with room for nearly 1,200 visitors. Adorned by a relaxing cyclone of breezy curtains and cabaret-styled sofas, here you will find a comfortable escape from the action and address any special needs to suit the palette or the senses. Commandeering the elevator down from the roof, to the second floor, brings you to the VIP Bar and VIP Stage.

Mr. Canard helped open the club back in 2010. He’s proud of what he helped build. “We’re not Amazon. We welcomed unionization and we’re a better company for it,” he said.

Evangelical Men, Lap Dances, And Vaccinations

When COVID-19 hit, Mr. Canard saw the livelihood of his staff plummet. Although everyone has suffered in the pandemic, workers at the Larry Flynt Hustler’s Club were hit harder than most due to the nature of their work.

“Adult entertainment requires our customers and staff to be physically close to each other,” he said. “Over the past year, that type of business model just wasn’t possible. Now that people are getting vaccinations we are seeing an uptick in revenue. However, not enough people are getting the jab, so to speak.”

While there are no hard numbers regarding the faith of his clientele, management and staff agree a sizeable percentage of the men walking in are self-professed evangelicals. “Ministers love talking about their churches during a lap dance,” an anonymous worker said.

Mr. Canard saw a problem and an opportunity. The problem is that many evangelical men do not want to get vaccinated. And that creates a variety of problems. Without proper protection against COVID, a vital customer demographic may shrink. Of course, having evangelical men in the club who are infected with the virus isn’t good for the bottom line either. The opportunity came when Mr. Canard read how the donut chain Krispy Kreme is giving one free donut a day for a year for those who get any of the vaccines available for coronavirus.

And that’s how the Free Lap Dance For A Year promotion started.

So far it’s a smashing success. New customers are walking through the door, and old ones are enjoying new perks.

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