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Representative-elect George Santos’s status as a world-class liar, earned with fake claims about his family and work history, is now extending to the condition of his pants. A mountain of evidence from fact-checkers, genealogists, and the Long Island City Fire Department paints a disturbing picture.

One such lie involves his supposed Jewish ancestry. His reported story was quite dramatic: Santos stated that his grandparents on his mother’s side were Jewish, fled to America, and changed their last names. Fact-checkers found no evidence for that assertion.

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Santos also stated that he graduated from Baruch College. That turned out to be false. He never graduated from college, though many Americans believe he should get an honorary BS in BS.

While Santos claims he is not a criminal and may have embellished his resume just like a lot of people do, he is still lying about the sad fact of his pants being on fire. Though he says they aren’t, the evidence for the incendiary pants is overwhelming. At times, they are smoldering. At other times, they blaze with the intensity of a five-alarm fire.

I am not a liar, liar and my pants are not on fire.

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Long Island City Fire Department Chief Andrew Canard reports that he has a squad of his best firefighters constantly circling Santos. They are armed with fire extinguishers and emergency oxygen for bystanders who could be overcome by smoke and BS. “I hope the folks in Washington DC are ready for him, because that guy is a walking talking dumpster-pants fire,” Canard said.

Many who voted for Santos said they never noticed that their candidate’s pants were on fire, and those who did say they didn’t care. Die-hard supporters wanted to send him to Congress to make sure the Democrats couldn’t do anything like removing more lead pipes to save kids from getting brain damage from lead-infused water.

In related news, Elon Musk bans users over ‘Twitter dumpster fire parties.’

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