Reading Time: 2 minutes Episode 20 of Best Advice Ever touches on whether Jesus ever existed.
Reading Time: 2 minutes
Episode 20 of Best Advice Ever touches on whether Jesus ever existed.

Here is the latest episode of Best Advice Ever, the show where awesome people share the best advice they ever received. Past guests include Professor Phil Zuckerman, YouTuber Steve Shives, and cardiologist Sanjay Gupta.

Let’s go through some basics!

Who is Godless Engineer?

Godless Engineer is a YouTuber. He has 47,300 subscribers and has had over 7.6 million views of his videos.

Here’s an excerpt from his about page on YouTube:

I am an ex-christian. There was nobody around to point me in the correct direction as far as thinking critically about what I believed. I was allowed to believe ridiculous things like that Adam and Eve were real people and a global flood I covered the earth. I felt stupid believing those things when they didn’t make sense but I was told that was what I was supposed to believe.

I understand the sentiment. One of my friends observed I’m so passionate about atheism because I feel like “I was duped.”

Who was Jesus? The elevator pitch for Jesus mythicism.

Godless Engineer explores the Christ myth theory — the idea that Jesus never existed. Mythicists, by and large, place the Nazarene in the same category as Zeus or Hercules.

We take some time and talk about how Paul (yes, that Paul who wrote Acts and was integral in creating Christianity) never met Jesus. Godless Engineer continues to say Paul never met any of Jesus’ disciples. It seems what Paul had in spades was a creative imagination and a penchant for writing.

The Best Advice

And what was the best advice ever? We delve into the nature of fear and how it prevents people from creating and living their best (or least bad?) lives.

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