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Goths can enjoy Easter. They may not do it in a traditional way, but there is something to be had in the celebration of Spring and the renewal of life. Here’s a video taking a comedic look at a Goth Easter.

YouTube video

Perhaps you are looking for an untraditional Easter gift? Perhaps there’s a special someone in your life who appreciates the Goth lifestyle? Well, it doesn’t matter if they’re a Goth, a Visigoth, or even an Ostrogoth, they may appreciate these alt-Easter gifts.


The Goth Easter Black Bunny 

One review says, Got here really fast. Can’t wait to set it in the nursery! UPDATE, they loved everything, it is sitting in the crib waiting on baby Lilith to arrive!


Gothic Eggs

Now I don’t think I’ve ever really lived since no one has ever given me an Easter egg with a skull on it. And you’re probably wondering if they’re real eggs. They aren’t. They are made of foam so you can keep them as long as you want.

Celebrate every resurrection. 

Who doesn’t want a shirt to remind everyone that there are the forgotten resurrections and we need to acknowledge them? If you use the code SALE at checkout you will get 10% off.


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