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Is he concerned about appearing Islamophobic? “Fuck ‘Islamophobia’,” he replies: “I hate that word. There’s nothing irrational about fearing a belief system that’s violent everywhere it appears.”

The above quote is from The Guardian article Hans Teeuwen: ‘I mock Islam … but I make it funny’. It’s a good overview of the complex career the stand-up comedian/singer/musician has had. (Confession I’m more than a little jealous, and it’s not because of his career accomplishments or incredible talent either. The man is 49 and his skin looks like Hans just bought it from Nordstrom — and not Nordstrom Rack, either.) You should give it a read. Hans is Dutch and was a friend of the late film-maker Theo Van Gough who was killed by a Muslim radical. A lot of Hans’ work outside of comedy and onstage focuses on free speech.

I have argued that Donald J. Trump is an insult comic who has made it big, and I’m not the only one who has come to that conclusion either. Comedian Joe Rogan stated on a recent podcast that Trump was doing “punchlines.” Does Hans tackle Islam ala Trump by rhetorically attacking Muslims?


“In my show, I mock Islam,” he says, “but rarely do I mock Muslims. That distinction is important, between the hatred of a set of bad ideas, and the hatred of people. I won’t encourage xenophobia, which is real and more dangerous than Islamophobia.” Teeuwen’s take on Islam is monolithic, resistant to nuance, and it gives other religions a free pass – but it’s not hateful. care

Not mocking Muslims is admirable. In my own silly way, I try to do the same.

Here is a clip from an old set of Hans Hans Teeuwen in London 11: ‘Respecting women’.

YouTube video

I don’t see how the author of The Guardian article can say Hans gives other religions “a free pass.”

Check out this clip Hans Teeuwen in London 13: Hans Teeuwen and (Little) God.

YouTube video

Hans is currently on tour in the UK. You can find his tour dates on his site.


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