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I hope your Saint Patrick’s Day has been fun so far.

Me? Another day — blah, blah, blah.

I do feel a drink —  a proper drink — coming on. That’s when I walk into my fave pub in Somerville, MA, The Burren and walk out a few (?) hours later.  My friends come and visit me in shifts because they don’t have that whole marathon ethos for beer. The drink of choice is  Black and Tan (I am a Protestant atheist, after all), and I can go all day imbibing those things.

The pub is pure magic. At times, there’s a live Irish band playing in the front. If you get there when it opens you may find regulars pontificating US foreign policy. A majority of the waitstaff have Irish accents. Best of all there is outside seating, weather permitting.

You can say I have some sort of problem with the drink.

I don’t.

I’m just from Boston.

You’re not here to read about my love affair with The Burren, however.

I offer you three Saint Patrick’s Day videos for your enjoyment.

Video the first is Leprechaun’s Try Lucky Charms For The First Time I found on Funny or Die.

Video the second is a wee bit darker. OK, it’s real dark and from that great show Rick and Morty.

YouTube video

Thirdly, what would Saint Patrick’s Day be without the Dropkick Murphys?

YouTube video


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