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NRA Reduces Gun Injuries for These Three Days Every Year, Research Shows I found on Bloomberg News. It turns out if you put a lot of gun fanatics into one area, then you have fewer gun injuries. Of course you just can’t put them in any old area. These gun fans must be in a no-gun zone. And the no-gun zone in question is the annual NRA convention!

Authors of a Harvard Medical School report published in the New England Journal of Medicine examined the “natural experiment” that occurs when about 80,000 NRA members hole up in a conference center. The finding: a 20 percent drop in injuries inflicted by the weapons compared to the same days of the week in the three weeks before and after the event.

The study covered 2007-2015. Anupam Jena is the lead author and says the findings are “quite obvious.”

It’s interesting to note the decrease in injuries are greater in certain locations:

Bolstering his argument was the fact that the steepest declines were seen in the states where the NRA convention was being held, suggesting more local supporters attended the event, Jena said. The numbers might even be higher if the researchers were able to include more gun owners, since previous studies found only one-third of unintentional firearm injuries occurred in people with private insurance.

So that’s part of the solution to gun violence! Weekly NRA conventions in every state.

Maybe we should subsidize the travel of NRA members who go to conventions in other states. You know there’s a lot of people out there who would want to visit as many as they can in a year. Perhaps Greyhound can give them a special deal on the bus?

I’d rather my tax dollars go to that crazy plan, then to pay Algebra teachers to carry AR-15s in school.



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