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The Donald Trump Version (DTV) of the Bible is on sale now!

New Delhi, India – Hindu nationalist scientists working for the Narendra Modi Institute (NMI) published conclusive evidence Islamic terrorist bats are the cause for the coronavirus pandemic.

The paper titled We’re Blaming Islam For This And It’s Totally Not Scapegoating was published in the scholarly publication Right Out Of The Cow’s Mouth. Professor Andrew Canard led the research team and believes his poll of Hindu religious radicals proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, Islamic bats acted as “bio-suicide bombers” for COVID-19.

“What we know for sure is that Pakistan’s intelligence service nurtured nests of radicalized bats and fed them COVID-19, ” he said. “Public opinion from this very small population proves it.”

India, Muslims, And COVID-19

Deutsche Welle recently wrote the article Indian Muslims face renewed stigma amid COVID-19 crisis  that depicts the issues facing Muslims in India.

Divisive debates on television and Islamophobic social media trends and hashtags have added fuel to the fire. Dozens of fake videos showing Muslims flouting social distancing rules and spitting on people have circulated over social media.

In addition, many violent incidents have taken place across the country during the coronavirus pandemic; a Muslim man was beaten up by a mob in Delhi, vendors were refused entry into localities, people refused to buy from Muslims and a hospital reportedly segregated coronavirus patients by their religion.

President Trump is lauding the new research. Sources state scientists from Liberty University are working on a study that proves Mexicans are to blame for everything in the United States.

In related news, Hindu nationalists ban South Park.



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