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Washington DC- The House of Representatives is drawing up impeachment papers on President Trump due to the latest scandal. What has brought Republicans and Democrats together in political unity against the commander-in-chief? It certainly isn’t Russian interference in the 2016 election. It isn’t President Trump’s flagrant disregard for the Emoluments Clause. What galvanized the political right and left is President Trump’s love for the Aaron Spelling produced television series, Charmed.

Charmed ran from 1998-2006. Dubbed by critics “Buffy the Vampire Slayer for idiots” Charmed featured dialogue befitting 3rd graders and early story lines prominently designed to show off Shannen Doherty’s personality disorders. The show reached cult status with people who would later be die hard fans of Two Broke Girls.

President Trump tweeted his undying love for Charmed and urged for a reboot of the classic series.

This was simply too much for Congress to take. Once the tweet went viral Democratic and Republican leadership secretly met to draft the impeachment papers. Everyone present agreed America could not be subject to this type of humiliation. “Christ, if we let this pass what comes next? Trump wanting to produce a Broadway musical version of the Ghost Whisperer? This has to stop now,” stated an anonymous representative.

Once the Senate caught word of what was going on, they agreed to anything the House did as long as the President left office ASAP.

In related news, soon to be President Pence is vowing never to mention Charmed, Two Broke Girls, or his secret love for the Rob Schneider show Rob.

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