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“I’m just happy as well as pleasantly surprised the world isn’t burning,” he mentioned. He being one of the guests of the Naked Diner podcast. And I’m not going to mention his name because, well, he has a great reputation for being a nice guy in the secular movement. Who knows what would happen to his reputation if it got out he thought like me? (I have no positive reputaton in any movement.)

This video How America Got Divorced from Reality: Christian Utopias, Anti-Elitism, Media Circus | Kurt Andersen is a little over twelve minutes and a short history lesson on how the United States of America was built on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Half-Baked Ideas.

These lines (around the 11 minute mark) resonated with me:

But in 1860 Southerners didn’t say, ‘Oh no, there aren’t any slaves. There is no slavery’ That’s the condition we have now.

Yikes. There are times someone hits the nail on its head and you feel it in your heart.

Check out the video.

YouTube video

I sometimes look at the comments to the videos I watch. Call Sharpening posted this line I hadn’t heard of until today: Old Australian saying…you got the puritans…thank christ we got the convicts.

It makes me want to go drinking with the convicts.

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