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So, you survived election night, but not quite sure how to keep your sanity while Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Arizona count votes. That’s understandable. Election night was tough watching Florida go red and wondering what the heck is going on in the Sunshine State and why 538’s Nate Silver isn’t in another line of work. How many of us had to console friends and family members over what seemed to be a Trump victory? And be honest, how many of us needed to be comforted?

Days later and here we are and it seems like Biden may just get to 270 electoral votes.


For the non-fascist members of the citizenry that’s great news. But how do we keep ourselves mentally stable while votes get counted, being supportive of others, and dealing with Trump supporters who have now discovered newfound hate for the Count from Sesame Street?

Here are several ways I’ve found to keep myself emotionally healthy in these trying times

Watching David Byrne’s American Utopia

YouTube video

Here’s the YouTube link.

I saw David Byrne perform American Utopia in Boston before he took it to Broadway, and I just saw it again on HBO last night. It’s well worth your time. What resonated with me was when Byrne took a few moments between songs and talked about how creativity oftentimes is anti-fascist. If fascism is the sublimation of the individual to the group, then the individual’s artistic project is a thumb in the eye to fascism.

Making Funny Faces

Years ago, Jon Stewart was hosting the Daily Show and made the observation the only thing he did was read the teleprompter and make funny faces. That slice of fried wisdom I’ve taken to heart. I co-host The Daily Atheist morning show and try to perfect as many comical looks as possible. I’ve had a few successes in these trying times. The one I’m most proud of is my Waiting for Nevada gaze.

Click here to see that face.

Calling Politicians And Urging Them To Fight To Make Sure Every Vote Is Counted

Hear me out on this one because many of you are thinking Andy, I clicked on to feel good and now you want me to think about this horrible election some more?

There are a significant number of people who feel depressed due to the fact that they feel like they have no control over their lives. And when you don’t feel that you control your life you feel like a thing. You feel like you have no agency and that’s pretty freaking sad. What’s the way to fight the downward spiral of sadness?

I’m glad you asked.

To put it quite simply it’s to control the things you can take control of. You can’t control how fast Nevada is counting votes. What you can do is to call your senators and representatives and tell them you expect them to fight to make sure every vote gets counted. You can talk with your like-minded friends and family members and urge them to call their elected officials.

Take control of that which you have control over. It’ll make you feel better.

Thanks for reading.

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