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Reykjavik, Iceland – This small island nation in the North Atlantic is cautiously celebrating its success over COVID-19. While the United States is struggling to manage its response, Icelanders are enjoying what many consider a normal lifestyle.

And how did this country do it?

Although they listened to scientists and practiced a strict coronavirus testing regiment, many experts consider the Icelandic ban on white evangelical Christians from the United States to be the most important factor.

The Ban On White Southern Baptists

In 2017 the government of Iceland banned white Southern Baptists from its shores. 

Four out of five white evangelicals voted for Trump in last year’s election,” explained Professor Andrew Kannard of the Icelandic Institute. “The government doesn’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of all the sects that comprise evangelicalism in the States. They just decided to start with the most toxic group.”

There are 330,000 people living in Iceland. An overwhelming majority support the travel ban against white Southern Baptists. The country has deep roots in democracy. The nation is credited with having the first parliament back in 930.  The public takes the Trump’s administration jihad against voting rights, science, and anti-environmentalism seriously.

In 2020, Iceland expanded the ban to include anti-LGBT Methodists. Realizing that all white evangelicals were toxic, the government created a law to include ever sect from the religio-fascist group.

COVID-19 Without White Evangelicals

“It turns out no one in Iceland wants to do stupid American-style acts like attending church services without masks,” noted Iceland’s Prime Minister Andrew Canard. “Our scientists say by banning these people we’ve saved hundreds of lives from coronavirus and we’ve increased the IQ average of our citizens by one standard deviation.”

Prime Minister Canard noted that his nation does not plan to lift the ban even if Democratic hopeful Joe Biden becomes US President. He noted political scientists suggest that the ban needs to stay in place for several generations.  Perhaps American white evangelicals will be able to behave themselves in a hundred years.

In related news, Iceland’s tourism board made an ad promoting its secular society.

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