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Reykjavik, Iceland –  The Icelandic parliament voted unanimously to dub the upcoming Dark Age to White Power Age. The measure was signed by Prime Minister Andrew Kanard and is to be read publicly from every town/city hall in the country.

“We’re hoping to sit this Dark Age out,” Prime Minister Andrew Kanard noted. “However, if we can’t, then at least we’re letting future generations know Iceland told the truth about white fragility.”

The White Power Age Explained

The edict specifically points out why many countries in Europe and the United States are devolving into a time period marked by Christian nationalism, economic stagnation, and plague.

There were several factors that brought society out of the first Dark Ages. The rise of the middle class disrupted corrupt power structures that were based on family connections. Greater trade between nations spread innovation. And the power of relgion was curtailed.

As Dark Ages Part Duex, otherwise known as the White Power Age, these forces are in retreat. Nepotism is the rule and not the exception. The middle class is being strangled. Governments look to religion as a way to persecute minorities and hold onto power.

This downward spiral was hastened by the influx of refugees. In short, white people lost their freaking minds when brown and black-skinned people crossed their borders.

Iceland’s Future Role

Noting there were areas of civilization during the first Dark Ages, Prime Minister Kanard has high hopes Iceland will be able to weather the upcoming storm of stupidity.

“We’ve been stocking up with glittery things. As soon as one of the barbarian nations remembers Iceland is a thing we hope to dangle something shiny in front of them and distract their midbrains for a generation or two,” he remarked.

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