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A white household with an income of $25,ooo had about the same rate of rejection for home loans as a black family with an income of over $125,000 a year.


That’s a pretty stunning statistic, isn’t it? It was taken from a study the city of Milwaukee did as explained by Marc Levine from the University of Wisconsin in the BBC video  Inside the mind of white America – BBC News.

I like reading/watching BBC news. When 9/11 happened I watched the BBC coverage of the tragedy because I wanted not only an intelligent view on what was going on but an outsider’s view, too. In this video, the old saying “A fish doesn’t know about the water it swims in,” gets trucked out. I’d suggest that fish can’t be relied upon to report the news on said water either. Ergo, I like to keep track of what the international press says about the United States of America.

I’m also posting this video because of the recent flare up between Martin Hughes, who writes over at the blog Barrier Breaker and YouTuber The Amazing Atheist. In short, The Amazing Atheist disagrees with what the BBC piece states as “all available data” that says that racism in America is a problem.

Martin, to put it bluntly, follows the data to the logical conclusion that yes, racism is a chronic problem that pollutes our society.

Here’s the video.

YouTube video


You can read about the conflict between Martin and The Amazing Atheist here and here and here.

Martin came on the Naked Diner podcast to chat about the matter.



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