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Is Instagram being fair?

Menlo Park, California – Following the school shooting that left one 16-year-old wounded in Queens, New York, Instagram publicly stated it shut down all of the accounts of the suspected gunman. The reason? The troubled youth posted pictures of nipples.

Instagram Acts

Perfect selfie?

“Instagram is dedicated to free speech, but not free female nipples,” stated Instagram CEO Andrew Canard. “We decided shadow banning wasn’t appropriate and chose to ban the shooter’s account.”

But were the nipples in question female in origin?

Those seeing the pictures state that, yes, there were nipples. However, due to the filters used and weird angles, no one knows for sure whether or not the nipples were male or female. Some believe all of them belonged to the shooter. Others believe some were the shooter’s and others weren’t.

And what of all the posts that showed the suspect showing off his assorted handgun collection? Or the short videos of him reading his manifesto?

They all take a backseat to nipples.

Will Instagram Shut Down Your Account?

Millions of Instagram users are taking note of this disturbing turn of events. While many cyberbullies are breathing a sigh of relief, other pro-nipple users are shaking their heads in disgust.

“I believe the female body shouldn’t be discriminated against,” said one anonymous user. “It’s absurd.”

For the time being those involved in liberating nipples are stuck with acting in the real world to push their agenda. In the meantime, social media is holding the line against the female body.

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