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Jill Duggar. She’s a faith-based reality star. And like many celebrities, she is promoting items for her fans to purchase. A common method to build buzz around a brand is to have an Instagram influencer (FYI, bile comes to my mouth when I think of that term) conduct a giveaway. A free few items may earn a company customers for years to come.

A few eyebrows were raised, however, when fans found out about Jill’s sexy promotion.

The giveaway is for “the ultimate sexy bedroom basket giveaway.”

In addition to money for shopping for things like lingerie and access to a sexy app designed for couples, there are items like coconut lube and massage candles.

No thank you. I don’t need my coconut lube telling me the Good News of Jesus in my most intimate moments.

Oh, but there’s more to this fascinating mix of late-stage capitalism and religion.

Jill is also using her platform to promote a page called Dating Divas.

Now, Dating Divas is a page catering to married couples, promoting “creative, inexpensive, and innovative dating ideas.”

To the rest of the world, it’s no more radical than wearing leggings or drinking a mimosa. To the Duggar clan, it’s every bit as radical as wearing leggings or drinking a mimosa.

Now, she’s promoting some items/services because she’s getting paid to do it. However, there is an app she believes in and wants people to know about it and there’s no money involved.

Jill is also plugging a bedroom app designed to help couples “get connected” during intimacy.

She even notes that this particular post is not sponsored — she’s just a genuine fan.

Well, you have to follow your heart I suppose. I know nothing about the app. Hopefully, there aren’t any instructions on how to incorporate Jesus into foreplay.


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