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Televangelist Jim Bakker is taking sharp criticism and facing possible lawsuits due to toxic chemicals in the Jim Bakker Holy Water Enemas™.

Web MD states enemas “are injections of fluids used to cleanse or stimulate the emptying of your bowel.” Reverend Bakker claims that his Holy Water Enamas™ flushes out sin in a similar way that run-of-the-mill enemas clear the colon of feces.

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Fleet Enemas are prescribed by doctors to help those suffering from constipation to defecate. However, medical professionals typically recommend using Fleet Enemas only after using stool softeners and laxatives. Reverend Jim Bakker told his flock that if they truly want to expunge sin from their lives there is no faster method than using his device that’s “fueled by the Holy Spirit.” Sources say he’s sold millions.

Hospital emergency rooms are reporting waves of patients who have what’s being called Bakker’s Butt. Symptoms include, but are not limited to explosive diarrhea, farts talking in tongues, and the inability to sit down due to butt pain. Each and every person with Bakker’s Butt report having used the enema.

Professor Andrew Canard is a chemist who analyzed the ingredients in the faith-based enema. He didn’t like what he found. “Who places trichloroethylene (TCE), tetrachloroethylene (PCE), and vinyl chloride in an enema? It’s like they used the drinking water from Camp Lejeune and rammed it up butts.” 

This is not the first time Jim Bakker is in deep trouble. In 2020 Missouri sued Bakker for selling fake coronavirus cures.

Bakker and Morningside Church Productions have violated Missouri law by “falsely promising to consumers that Silver Solution can cure, eliminate, kill or deactivate coronavirus and/or boost elderly consumers’ immune system and help keep them healthy when there is, in fact, no vaccine, pill, potion or other product available to treat or cure coronavirus disease 2019,” the Missouri Attorney General’s Office wrote in its application for a temporary restraining order. Bakker and his company are based in the state.


Bakker also spent time in prison after a jury found that he swindled his followers out of their hard-earned money.

Jim Bakker has not commented on his newest scandal.

In related news, QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley is suing Brazil’s Shaman for illegal cultural appropriation.

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