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Hollywood, CA – Khloé Kardashian knows fashion is fickle and that’s why she’s spreading good cheer and wows! this holiday season with the newest bling — children. Fashionistas around the globe are noticing and rushing to orphanages to pick up the cutest kids.

Children are our future, but why can’t they accentuate my personal style right now?

Khloé Kardashian

Fashion aficionados are applauding Khloé’s dedication to haute couture by having her own children. In the most recent holiday pic, proud mom is decked out with her four-year-old daughter, Tre, and her baby boy whose name has not yet been disclosed.

Andrew Canard is Chief Editor at OnlySky Vogue. He believes Kardashian may start an ecologically friendly trend with reusable fashionable children. “So many times we wear the dress, or clutch the bag, or sport the fab shoes one time for one event,” he said. “Having your own children means you can get years and years of use out of them if you do it right.”

Many are expressing concern about cheap knock-off glamour children that are being passed for the real thing. Some sellers are claiming they have original Kardashians but in all reality, the kids aren’t the real thing. More than one celebrity has been caught red-handed — and red-faced! — with what they thought was the genuine article only to discover they were duped by an unscrupulous con artist. “I thought I had a baby royal from England,” one anonymous victim said, “only to discover the kid is from Brockton, Massachusetts.

President Joe Biden is vowing to clamp down on black market glamour children bling. He’s forming a blue ribbon committee to investigate the matter.

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