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Judge Andrew Canard of LA County ruled today that rapper and Trump supporter Kid Rock needs to pay The Walt Disney Company $10 million for what’s being called a frivolous lawsuit.

Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, rose to fame with his breakthrough 1998 album Devil Without a Cause. His 2001 album Cocky established Rock as an artist who combined elements of rock, rap, and country music. However, he states that his love of the Confederate flag caused him to be targeted by “liberal Hollywood.”

Rock also feels his closeness to former President Trump has “put a target on my back.” Trump and Rock were so close at one time Trump dropped Mike Pence as Vice President from the ticket in the 2020 election and replaced him with the rapper.

Mike Pence is from Indiana which is a red state through and through. Mr. Rock hails from Michigan which Trump won in 2016 but is currently trailing Joe Biden in polls by 10 percent. Trump has just increased his chances dramatically to win The Wolverine State’s 10 electoral votes in 2020.

Mr. Rock was officially the Vice President candidate for 3 minutes and two seconds before Trump fired him and placed Pence back on the ticket.

Several months ago Mr. Rock and his lawyers targeted The Walt Disney Company for conspiring against him. The legal document stated that “Disney actively lobbied” against him from getting “what is coming to him” and that Disney was the “chief company in the trans-Jewish cabal” that keeps Christians out of the music business.

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The judge ruled that “It’s self-evident that the plaintiff is weaponizing the legal system for some personal vendetta” and “the reason why he has faded from the public view is that it’s self-evident he has limited talent.” Desiring to send a message to other wannabe litigants Judge Canard ordered Rock to pay $10 million to Disney.

Comedian Roseanne Barr may have once been Hollywood’s darling with her hit show Roseanne back in the 1980s but has also seen her star fall as she propagates conspiracy theories and has a past history of saying racist remarks. She is looking to give Rock a helping hand by going out on tour together in what’s being called The Rock’n Stars and Bar Tour.

As the name implies, The Rock’n Stars and Bar Tour will feature Rock performing his greatest hits and Roseanne Barr’s “no snowflake” comedy style

In related news, Iceland places mental health warnings on all Bibles.

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