Reading Time: < 1 minute Pointing out, once again, that a lot of newspaper religion-page columns present scriptural inventions as true, and inauthentic faith as birthing the real thing.
Reading Time: < 1 minute
Draw God? How about drawing Cthulhu?
How to draw God? I think there’s a commandment against that. :/


Kids Describe God to an Illustrator is one of those videos that is wildly popular and it’s easy to understand why. There are kids being goofy — and who doesn’t like goofy? The illustrator is a young hip drawing guy who does a great job interacting with the kids.

There are some cringe-worthy moments, however.

Our hip illustrator friend asks an innocent mind exactly the wrong question, Who made everything? From the earliest age, I told my kids that God was an imaginary friend many adults have and that said adults are not aware he is imaginary. To an unprepared young mind Who made everything? is priming them to be the next Mike Pence or jihadi suicide bomber.

Don’t worry; I’m just joking,

Kinda, sorta.

My favorite kid (I know we’re not supposed to have favorites) is the atheist. He quickly understands the absurdity of the situation and goes with something universally absurd.

How to draw God?

Maybe the silliest answers are the best ones.


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