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Republican Lauren Boebert shot herself in the foot while shooting at one of the Chinese spy balloons. The injury is non-life threatening and she is expected to make a full recovery.

The representative from Colorado’s 3rd district flew to Montana specifically to “take out” the spy balloon first noticed a few days ago. The Pentagon states the balloon is carrying surveillance equipment and is approximately the size of 3 school buses and is flying at about 60,000 feet high.

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Government officials state they could shoot it down. However, civilians could be harmed by debris and so the balloon continues to fly.

The decision not to shoot the balloon down is angering conservatives who say Joe Biden is soft on balloon-related threats. Representative Matt Gaetz wondered out loud whether or not Democrats would shoot down enemy zeppelins.

Boebert took to social media to decry the lack of action regarding the floating menace.

The rifle Representative Boebert chose to fire was an Armalite -15 (AR-15). Boasting it is “America’s gun” Boebert refused to pay attention when told that the weapon’s maximum range is approximately 12,000 feet well below the height of the balloon. “I’m praying that Jesus will anoint these bullets and blow that balloon to kingdom come,” she said.

Eyewitnesses report Boebert shot herself in the right foot while posing for a selfie. She was hoping to post it on Instagram, but instead, it earned her a trip to the hospital. Several onlookers thought at the time it was an odd choice for her to snap a pic with her left hand while holding an armed and ready AR-15 with her right.

In light of current events, the National Rifleman’s Association (NRA) is intending to lobby Congress to make anti-aircraft canons available to the public. The organization believes that if the government won’t protect America’s skies, then everyday citizens must. Political pundits think a bill supporting the policy will easily pass the GOP-run House of Representatives.

In related news, Montana’s new law threatens science teachers with severe punishment for teaching scientific theories.

UPDATE: The Chinese spy balloon has been shot down successfully with no injuries reported.

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