Reading Time: 3 minutes Your humble servant.
Reading Time: 3 minutes
Your humble servant.

A local atheist and comedian sips his morning coffee. He’s happy. It’s a weird feeling. He was happy yesterday for a few minutes and then forgot why a few minutes afterward. This morning is different. He’s not going to forget the reason why his heart two sizes too small is swelling.

People call it shadenfreude.

The local atheist calls it schadenawesome.

Facebook, the social media giant, took a hit yesterday. Its stock went down significantly. Investor’s Business Daily’s article Facebook Stock Crashes On Earnings Call Warning After Revenue Misses sums up the iceberg that hit the ship USS Zuckerberg:

Facebook stock crashed Wednesday after the social media giant reported second-quarter revenue and user growth that missed estimates and warned on its earnings call with analysts that revenue growth rates will decline by “high single-digit” percentages in upcoming quarters.

Facebook (FB) stock plunged 10% after the company released earnings. But then shares plummeted as much as 23% to 167 during its earnings call commentary. Shares were down 21% in recent extended trades near 172.20. Facebook’s profit topped estimates despite the revenue miss.

23% is a big potato, the local atheist muses.

Like many other people in the funny business (albeit he is on the second to bottom rung in the funny business, but he is on the ladder) the local atheist ran foul of Facebook’s ambiguous standards. He was placed in Facebook jail for 24 hours for an innocent joke that referenced the Holocaust. The joke didn’t make fun of the Holocaust. Rather, it was a way to point out man’s inhumanity to man.

The Facebook powers didn’t chuckle. They didn’t giggle. And they certainly didn’t respond to any of the local atheist’s messages.

Comedian Nathan Timmel (who happens to be many rungs up on the funny business ladder) also ran into trouble with Facebook. His post What I learned in Facebook jail expresses many of the feelings those of us who have spent time in solitary social media confinement feel.

He was banished for posting this pic…

I laughed.

But someone didn’t.

Nathan makes the case for humor:

There is a joke in there, yes, and maybe you personally don’t like the subject matter. But is it more objectionable than, say, Alex Jones? He has a Facebook page, and I find it hard to find a single thing he says that isn’t just plain awful.

Likewise ISIS.

A May 6, 2018 report on Gizmodo points out that terrorists still use Facebook to coordinate with one another. Likewise white supremacists, and other hate groups. They’re all on Facebook, while I was booted for a joke.

And, mind you, not a joke at anyone’s expense.


Perhaps Facebook will get a better at refereeing people’s humor. Perhaps not.

An interesting point Nathan makes is that he didn’t miss Facebook at all.

And that’s something the social media giant should be worried about.

Your local atheist realizes investors will buy on the dip. Even now Facebook’s stock price is probably up from last night’s low.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t have schadenfreude with his morning coffee.

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