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Florida’s Space Coast – While hundreds of thousands of spectators are converging to watch NASA’s Artemis 1 mission launch, there are a handful of Christian fundamentalists and other conspiracy theorists protesting it.

NASA TV is offering live coverage of the launch starting at 6:30 AM ET on Monday, August the 29th. Its newest launch vehicle, the Space Launch System (SLS) will be on full display. Scientists say the SLS is a significant improvement over the Saturn V rocket that previously sent astronauts to the Moon.

The launch is just another step on the path of developing a permanent lunar base. NASA plans to eventually build a structure capable of housing four people at a time.

However, not everyone is pleased with this one step forward for humanity.

A diverse group of MAGA true believers, flat earthers, and others are protesting at NASA’s front gate. A group known as Denouncing United Nations by Christian Evangelicals (DUNCE) is orchestrating the resistance to what it says, “Is a flagrant transgression of Judeo-Christian ethics.”

President of DUNCE Andrew Canard points to the unbiblical nature of space. “In Genesis 1:6-8 the LORD plainly creates the firmament — which is fancy talk for a solid dome — to separate the heavenly waters and the earthly waters. Artemis is just another tool the Devil is using to distract us from Jesus.”

Others protesting do not agree with DUNCE that a solid dome is protecting us all from extraterrestrial waters. One group from Stone Zeppelin Mountain Church of Peru, Maine believes there are countless uncounted ballots for Trump from the 2020 election stuffed in the rocket.

Regardless of the reason why they are protesting the Artemis launch, they are all very excited to be part of the resistance. The small encampment features many amenities as well as an Alex Jones InfoWars tent where protesters can rest and load up on vital information.

In related news, a new study shows that atheists are brainwashed by the scientific method.

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