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Maria Butina is not who she seems. CNN reports she entered the United States in 2016 as a student. She appeared to be attending American University in Washington DC. But she was so much more. Maria Butina was working as a Russian spy.

CNN describes another smelly layer of the Russian nesting doll onion.

As a founder of a Russian gun rights organization, she posed in stilettos and leather while brandishing guns for a Russian GQ magazine spread. When she moved to the United States, her background seemed to come in handy as she attended National Rifle Association events, allegedly in an attempt to strike up influential friendships, according to court filings.

But prosecutors say she spent years trying to set up back-channel communications between Russia and the Republican Party through the NRA as well as between Russia and the Trump campaign. Her ultimate goal was to make American leadership more sympathetic to Russian interests, court filings show.

Unbeknownst even to her Russian handlers, Maria Butina was not Maria Butina. She isn’t even a she.

In a federal prison last night Maria Butina revealed that she is, in fact, comedian and prankster Sacha Baron Cohen.

Sasha Baron Cohen loves to prank the NRA.

”One minute Maria is slinging Sloppy Joes and tater tots in the prison cafeteria and the next I see Sacha Baron Cohen doing his Ali G schtick,” prison guard Andrew Canard stated. “It only took him a split second to remove the mask, and, man, we were all surprised!”

Sacha Baron Cohen has a new 7 episode Showtime series called Who is America?  His first show featured a ten minute piece where he plays an Israeli special forces officer who is very pro gun. The comedian gets many GOP politicians to expose themselves as the gun nuts they are.

Going deep undercover as Russian spy Maria Butina was a logical choice. Not only did she/he expose the NRA-Russian connection, but Cohen probably helped the Mueller investigation as well.

”It is small service I do for United States of America,” Mr Cohen said as Borat.

All charges against Borat/Butina/Cohen were dropped.

Republicans shudder at what hijinks Sacha Baron Cohen has in store for them.

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