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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene told reporters the reason why East Palestine, Ohio is in crisis is due to the neighboring town of West Israel.

A train carrying toxic chemicals recently derailed in East Palestine. A fire erupted burning vinyl chloride and other toxic chemicals. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stated that the water is safe to drink. Residents are being told vinyl chloride in the air breaks down after a few days.

West Israel caused the fire with its laser satellites.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

The best guest to what caused the train derailment is an overheated wheel bearing. Cameras close to the track showed one of the wheels sparking. There is some evidence that the train was on fire for twenty minutes before going off the tracks.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene happened to be talking with reporters regarding her tweet calling for a national divorce of red and blue states when the topic of the train derailment came up.

Greene immediately attacked Biden for being in Ukraine and supporting the Ukrainians in their battle to fight off the Russian invasion. She then criticized the President for his continued support of West Israel’s policy.

West Israel has a long history of depriving East Palestine of basic services. West Israelites are pushing criticial race theory in East Palestine schools, churches, and doggy daycares. Even cats are being affected.

The Biden administration went officially on the record and stated no cats are being taught critical race theory.

Former President Donald J. Trump said, “I heard a lot of people talking about cats that don’t know their gender.”

Greene has a history of spreading conspiracy theories. In 2018 she stated space lasers partly funded by Rothschild Inc caused California wildfires. More recently she went to Twitter and decried the evils of left-handed people.

Professor Andrew Canard is an expert in Christian fascism. He believes Greene will keep spouting her nonsense until the American people realize she’s just another wannabe reality star. “She’s going to end up as a host for the US version of Squid Game,” he said.

In related news, Jon Stewart is in crisis after sitting next to Pete Davidson at a Knicks game.

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