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Washington DC – Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is under fire after admitting she has always confused “Georgia the country with Georgia the planet.”

How can there be a North America, a South America, and a God bless America?

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Greene made the comment while talking to reporters about the mass exodus of Russian men due to Russian President Vladimir Putin declaring a partial mobilization of troops to fight Ukraine.

OnlySky Media reporter Andrew Canard intentionally threw Greene a loaded question when he asked her if she had any concerns about the influx of Russian refugees to Georgia.

The small country of Georgia lies south of Russia, nestled in the Caucasus Mountain range. It gained independence when the Soviet Union fell apart. Russia seized part of its territory in 2008.

“I was hoping for a classic response from her,” Canard said. “You know, something about Jewish space lasers attacking her district in the US State of Georgia, but her answer shocked all of us.”

Greene started her response in a surprisingly sane and thoughtful manner and then went off the rails in a spectacular fashion.

An excerpt of her response:

The people of Georgia have faced many problems. Their country actually declared independence from the Soviet Union when the Bolsheviks seized power in 1917 from Czar Nicholas the Second. However, during the Russian Civil War, the Red Army forced them to join the Evil Empire. The men and families fleeing Russia today aren’t going there. They are making their way to the United States of America. Once here, Elon Musk will transport them to the planet Georgia.

Greene then launched into a crypto-astronomy lesson and said Georgia is Earth’s twin sister planet that is on the other side of the Sun and that’s why we don’t see it at night.

MAGA voters and other illiterates immediately applauded the Georgia representative on her brave truthing. Several fact-checkers were rushed to area hospitals suffering from shock.

In related news, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis orders “anti-masturbation” lunches for schools.

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