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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is back in the news for all the wrong reasons. This time she’s on Twitter and raging against the globalists, the Illuminati, and the evil posed by people who are left handed.

Vengeance is mine sayeth the LORD.

God will not let evil go unpunished.

The House GOP must do what is right for the American people and no longer serve the left-handed and the Leftist agenda.

America first!

Political insiders believe Representative Greene needed to say something controversial in order to appeal to her political base after supporting Representative Kevin McCarthy to be Speaker of the House. Members of the ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus were dead set against his nomination. Not wanting to alienate her own MAGA political base, the logic goes, Greene needed to attack someone. And that someone was left-handed people.

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But why left-handed people and not some other group?

Professor Andrew Canard teaches Political Science at Miskatonic University. His books include Fascism for Dummies: Fascists are Dumb! and Fooling Some of the People all of the Time — The State of US Politics. He believes that Greene is no longer comfortable targeting Jews, so she had to find another group to pick on. “After Greene had to backtrack and apologize for saying mask mandates were as bad as the Holocaust, she probably figured out it was time to move on,” he said.

One of the benefits of attacking those whose dominant hand is left is that so many evangelical Christians are primed to dislike them. The Bible does not have many positive things to say about lefties. For example, Ecclesiastes 10:2 states The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of a fool to the left. And at the Day of Judgment God will place those condemned to everlasting suffering on his left side.

Does Greene understand that those who are politically to the left are not necessarily left-handed? No one knows for sure. However, it’s clear many of her fans don’t know it.

My daughter was dating a left-handed kid. I told her that boy needed to get right with Jesus, turn away from leftyist ideology, and accept Jesus in his heart.

Anonmyous Greene supporter

For those hoping Greene will just disappear, it seems highly unlikely. NPR reports that she “is having a moment.”

Jim Hobart, a Republican pollster and partner at Public Opinion Strategies, said there’s a bit of a power vacuum for Republicans right now, especially in the House, which means an opportunity for someone like Greene to rise in prominence.

“I think that the congresswoman and other members of Congress realize, ‘Hey, given this small majority that we have, I have an opportunity to exert influence if I choose to do so,’ ” he said. “And it looks like she’s taking the path of trying to exert influence by perhaps working from the inside.”

It seems highly likely that Speaker McCarthy will reward Greene with some prestigious positions in some prominent House committees like the Homeland Security Committee.

People who are left-handed are not taking this abuse lying down. The American League of Lefties (ALL) is sending a delegation to Washington in an attempt to educate Greene on the contributions their people have made to the USA. When Greene finds out that Keanu Reeves, Ned Flanders, and Babe Ruth are all lefties, it’s hoped she will find another group to use as a scapegoat.

In related news, QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley sues Brazil’s Shaman.

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