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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s newest conspiracy theory involves “fake meat” and Peach tree dishes. The MAGA-loving politician from Georgia was tossing her fanbase red meat by making fun of impossible burgers.

During her rant against the evils of plant-based meat alternatives, she referred to Petri dishes as Peach tree dishes.

Many wondered, Is she really that dumb?

And it turns out she isn’t.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Marjorie Taylor Greene is not an evangelical soldier for Christ. Rather, she is a Satanist.

When the audio of her rant is played backward, it’s clear she’s saying “Well, the maths now herald the Moloch brief in America.” There are other subliminal messages, also.

Here is the audio.

Prepare yourself.

Here’s to my sweet Satan / The one whose little path would make me sad whose power is Satan, / He’ll give you, he’ll give you 666 / There was a little tool shed where he made us suffer, sad Satan.

Marjorie Taylor Greene (played backwards)

Ms. Greene’s office hasn’t responded to OnlySky’s request to comment on this controversy.

She is facing lifelong Democrat and local businessman Andrew Canard in November. He is hoping this Satanic revelation will cause evangelicals to wake up and smell the sulfur. “She’s in league with the Devil. I’m not. Vote Canard,” he said.

It’s unlikely Greene will lose the election. Many political pundits believe evangelicals would cast a ballot for the Devil himself if it would trigger the libs.

In related news, Texas offers guns as a bounty for banned books.

Special thanks to Jack Matirko for helping out on reversing Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ramblin’ ramblings.

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