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Meghan McCain is the daughter of John McCain and is offering her own special brand of wit and wisdom on The thirty-six-year-old conservative is answering the faithful’s questions in her daily segment called Ask Meghan. 

Amy is an evangelical and in a moral dilemma. She’s reaching out to Meghan for help.

Should I tell my coworker they are going to Hell?

Dear Meghan,

I work in an office and share a workspace with a great gal, “Wendy.” I love sitting close by to her! She always knows the answer to whatever question I have about my job and even says “That information could’ve been found in your Policies and Procedures folder on your desktop” every single time. She is a great listener! During our breaks, Wendy loves hearing me share my love for knitting socks for orphans living in sub-Saharan Africa.  She never utters a word and lets me talk and talk and talk and talk. 

The problem is that Wendy is a Jew.

I understand a lot of people in the Bible were Jews, and once upon a time before America was born Israel was the chosen nation. However, even my five-year-old nephew Preston knows that if you don’t know Jesus, then you will know eternal hellfire. 

I don’t want Wendy to burn in HE_ _.

Should I tell her she’s going to burn in a lake of fire that’ll make the fryer at Chik-fil-A feel like a cool spring rain?



Meghan McCain’s Answer

Dear Amy,

I am glad that you wrote this letter before jeopardizing your employment. So many times Jesus whispers in our ears to do things that are righteous but not in the best interest of our long-term financial goals. I can not emphasize my advice to you enough: You have to preach to Wendy but do so in a passive-aggressive manner. defines passive-aggressive as denoting or pertaining to a personality type or behavior marked by the expression of negative emotions in passive, indirect ways, as through manipulation or noncooperation. That is to be your game plan about Wendy’s Judaism. Allow me to embellish a phrase from our Lord and Savior — Love the Jew but hate the Judaism.

Here are some tactical suggestions.

  1. Weave in scripture while you’re musing about knitting. This one from the Book of Job is a doozy “My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle, And come to an end without hope.”
  2. Have your office hold a Bacon Friday! Who doesn’t like casual Friday? Who doesn’t like bacon? Even the most kosher Jew could be tempted not by an apple, but by divine bacon.
  3. Pray for her. Yes, you should pray at home, but have you considered forming a Prayer Circle Club at work where all the cool kids hang out and say godly platitudes? Wendy and Jesus will thank you for it.

Wendy’s Jewish/sinful nature may not appreciate all this Jesus and she may express negative emotions towards your enlightened passive-aggressiveness. Pay that no mind.

In Christ,

Meghan McCain


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