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Former President Barack Obama is in negotiations with Netflix for a reality show. Wife Michelle is preparing for the upcoming series by legally changing her last name to Ajanlekoko-Stalin. Friends report the former First Lady wishes to project a strong image to black girls. What better way to do that than to throw off the patriarchal bonds of her husband’s last name and adopt a traditional African one? Of course, she wanted to include her communist superhero Joseph Stalin to show progressives you can be sassy and a Bolshevik.

Conservative commenters are laughing in the chairs they reserve for Monday morning quarterbacking. “I knew it was only a matter of time she revealed her true identity as a Muslim-commie-reverse racist-malignant vaginal-opportunist,” stated Republican wonk Andrew Canard.

Former President Barack Obama is taking it all in stride. After all, he was the one who sanctioned death panels via his Hitler inspired insurance scheme ObamaCare. Having his wife cuckold his last name is only assisting his satanic plans to undermine Jesus, God, and President Donald Trump.

”All the powers, principalities, and rulers of darkness are trying to keep President Trump from enacting steel tariffs against satanic countries,” explained Mr. Canard. “Netflix is in league with Democrats. Sorry, Net-ocrats! Jesus is covering up Trump’s porn star scandal and resurrecting America’s steel industry. Hallelujah!”

Netflix is not responding to questions regarding its negotiations with former President Obama and wife Michelle Ajanlekoko-Stalin.


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