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New York City – Vice President-elect Mike Pence can’t get any love from the Big Apple. While he was attending the hit Broadway play Hamilton the cast had the audacity to ask him to treat all Americans equally. The next day Mr. Pence and his entourage visited the American Museum of Natural History where he was confronted by school children for his pro-Creationist/anti-science views.

“He thinks evolution is ‘just a theory,'” said 11-year-old Ali Jones while using contemptuous air quotes. “I don’t have enough palms for my face!” and with that Ali grabbed a friend’s hands. Ali soon had four hands palming her face.



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Andrew Hall escaped a childhood of religious indoctrination and is now a non-miserable human being. He's made millions of people laugh as well as angry. (He hopes he's made the right people annoyed.) Targets...

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