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The Vice Presidential debate is over. Senator Kamala Harris may not have performed up to everyone’s expectation (who does?), but she did what was necessary. Seeing that the Democrats are so far ahead nationally as well as many swing states, she only thing she needed to do was hold the line, so to speak, and not make any glaring mistakes.

Vice President Pence was as a mini-me version of Trump by interrupting and not answering questions. He had a much tougher lift. With his team so far behind he needed to do two things: 1. Keep the base energized; 2. Reach out to other voters. He accomplished the former which isn’t a hard thing to do since, hey, those people have a bee (fly?) in their bonnet. However, the latter was a bridge too far, in my humble opinion.

The thing is the United States of America, by and large, has outgrown the Mike Pence traditional Republican style of politics. Pence’s performance at times harkened back to the time of Reagan. For example, he brought up the bogeyman “Democrats will raise your taxes.” That message doesn’t resonate at a time when voters are facing medical bills that push them into bankruptcy.

And the fly?

The fly was the real star of the debate. That plucky insect landed on Pence’s head and hung out for a bit over two minutes. And that really summed up the Vice President nicely. Harris was the smiling face of America’s future, and Pence is the man who would turn America back to the time of the Salem witch trials.

Enjoy Stephen Colbert’s take on the fly, Pence, and Harris!

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