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“Ew! I no longer need gay food,” says Milo Yiannopoulos.

Conservative personality and commentator Milo Yiannopoulos officially stated he is “ex-gay” and no longer needs food for nourishment. This statement comes on the heels of a new survey conducted by the right-wing site The Canard Report (TCR) showing no one cares about the 36-year-old provocateur.

No One Cares About Milo Yiannopoulos

Selling prayer pillows

The Canard Report ranks the third most popular online source for conservatives to get their conspiracy theories. MIT graduate Andrew Canard created the site from his dorm room in 2015. Soon right-wingers flocked to find out about homosexual amphibians, the Ice Earth hypothesis, Young Earth Creationism, and QAnon.

Every year TCR polls its readers to see who they respect. Names like former President Donald Trump, Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell typically top the list. Once upon a time, Milo was also in that august group. However, those days are long gone. Not only was he not on the list, but when asked 88% of TCR subscribers had no idea who Milo is.

“The conservative movement canceled Milo,” Andrew Canard said. “He’s a one-trick pony and characters like the QAnon shaman simply out-crazied him.”

Milo Says He’s Ex-Gay

Milo says he is “ex-gay” and “sodomy-free.”

Life Site reports:

Anyone who’s read me closely over the past decade must surely have seen this coming. I wasn’t shy about dropping hints. In my New York Times-bestselling book Dangerous, I heavily hinted I might be “coming out” as straight in the future. And in my recent stream-of-consciousness Telegram feed, I’ve been even more explicit — stomach-churningly so, if the comments under my “x days without sodomy” posts are anything to go by.

He’s dedicating his life to Saint Joeseph and championing gay conversion therapy.

As you might expect, my professional priorities are shifting somewhat, given my new spiritual preoccupations. Over the next decade, I would like to help rehabilitate what the media calls “conversion therapy.” It does work, albeit not for everybody. As for my other aspirations and plans, well, no change: I’ve always considered abortion to be the pre-eminent moral horror of human history. I’ll keep saying so — even more loudly than before.

Andrew Canard ran a snap poll of TCR stalwarts concerning this newest revelation and the results are clear — no one cares what Milo has to say.

In related news, Holland cancels the Bible.

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