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Every weekday morning from 9 am-10 am EST I run a comedic-style review of the day’s news. Think of it as The Daily Show with no budget, one writer (me), and one performer (which happens to be me).  Unlike The Daily Show, I get to interact with viewers directly. If you watch the show live, then you will be able to comment in the chat and I’ll be able to reflect on whatever you have to say.

Today’s show covered several topics:

  • The pharmacist who thought the sky was made by the government (he also destroyed COVID-19 vaccines).
  • The state of Oregon decriminalized all drugs.
  • Police in this major city have to keep their body cams on all the time.
  • And, of course, the GOP civil war. It’s Mitch McConnell vs Marjorie Taylor Greene

Here is the video from the show.

YouTube video

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