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I think Hunter S Thompson once wrote that the NFL was the most fascist institution in America.

Oh, how times have changed.

I was stuck in traffic yesterday and heard a sports radio guy wax philosophically on how horrible the world is when professional football players take a knee during the national anthem. And in the spirit of curmudgeonly honesty that you have all come to expect on Laughing in Disbelief, I have a confession.

I had a strong urge to reach through the radio, slap him upside the head with a cod, and tell him to grow up.

(The reason why I went with cod and not just  fish is that I’m in Boston and want to keep it local.)

Our grandfathers and great grandfathers fought Nazis in World War Two. Puerto Rico looks like, well, Puerto Rico after a couple of hurricane kicks to the genitals. And Mr. Radio is wringing his hands over this?

I hate hand-wringing in general, and I hate it when it’s done to pander to an audience. Allow me to pontificate for a moment and say the country would have less panic attacks if the entire news-entertainment complex didn’t incentivize clicks and views via cranking up our collective irrational anxieties.

But that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

I’m going back to listening to sports radio with my bottle of Ativan.


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