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One of our philosophical discussions at Shake Shack while on vacation.

I brought my kids to NYC for a few days. It was our first trip together post-divorce and everything went well. My ex and I have two very different attitudes towards taking time off. For her taking time off meant hanging out by the beach, camping, or going to a water park with the kids. and that’s great if you want spend free time like that. This isn’t one of those YOU’RE WRONG IF YOU LIKE THIS THING THAT I DON’T LIKE type of posts (ahem, there are other blogs for that type of thing).

That being said, I hate the sun. I hate the water. And to tell you the truth I am highly skeptical of fun.

My type of vacation is where I go to an urban environment and muck about museuming, getting some live theater in, and maybe some bookstoring. I’m happy to announce that my 10 year old daughter and thirteen year old son were able to adapt to my idiosyncratic fun time in NYC. We hit the Strand Bookstore, the Guggenheim, and caught the musical Matilda.

(BTW, nice job on the music and lyrics, Tim Minchin. I could kvetch about the musical. My complaints have nothing to do with the music or the lyrics, but with the story itself.)

On the last day of our trip we schlepped over to the United Nations. We took the guided tour and I think I may have embarrassed my kids a bit.



You know the lines I’m talking about, right?


Maybe I didn’t get the speech right word for word, but I got that throaty sound down tight and my hand gestures were totally on point.

At the very least it’ll give my kids something to talk about in therapy someday.

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