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This week’s guest on the Naked Diner is comedian Lahna Turner. I love these types of episodes. Lahna talked about her career/projects AND chatted extensively about her personal life.

There was a lot to talk about. Lahna has many accomplishments.

  • “So… I wrote a song about it.” is her one hour special on Hulu.
  • She has two comedy albums out”If These Lips Cold Talk” and “D!@k Jokes and Other Assorted Love Songs”
  • Lahna has been on the TV! NBC, Comedy Central, and a legion of other channels!
  • WAIT! Did I mention she has a new comedy album out? It’s called Limeade!

I had a lot of fun!

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She has a really cool podcast!

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*Look, I never write anything down here. However, if you don’t listen to Limeade, it’s a godless sin. It’s all about her divorce. It’s raw. It’s funny. It’s incredible.

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