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I just want to say I never called my daughter a princess. We’re small r republicans.


Did you notice I didn’t write that Zach is God of BAHFest? But seriously, how much can I cram into a title?

Zach Weinersmith is not only absurdly gifted — just look at his comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC) — but he is sickeningly nice.

Our conversation wound around a variety of topics: the early days of SMBC, BAHFest – theFestival of Bad ad hoc Hypothesis, and being a dad. What I found really interesting was how Zach talked about how he has managed his time. If you listen closely there is a part when he talks about projects that he has started and ended because they simply weren’t paying off. A lot of creative people can learn from his example. There is a phrase screenwriters use “You have to kill your babies.” There are parts of your own script that you fall in love with that will have to be cut because they aren’t right for that particular project. In a broader sense, an entire project can be like that: You love it, but it isn’t right for your life at that particular moment.

You will like (love?) this episode. It’s a lot of fun.

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BAHFest? You want some baaaaaaaad science? Ganderize your eyes on these videos.

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