Reading Time: < 1 minute Dr Caleb Lack has had three books published on my Onus Books imprint and I am glad to announce his fourth; this time he has edited and contributed to an important anthology dealing with the psychology and treatment of OCD. This book provides a vital reference of experts and students in the field, to psychologists seeking an academic companion to their work or studies. Here is Caleb's post welcoming its publication:
Reading Time: < 1 minute


Brian Malow is the Science Comedian and he is just got back from Europe where he performed at The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. Brian has a ton of stories about the conference and gaggles more concerning his jaunt to CERN and to Italy.

This is a great episode.

If you listened to the first time he was on (way back in episode 25) you will know what is ahead of you. If you haven’t heard it, buckle up because you’re ears are in for a ride!


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