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Galen Broaddus is a CFI Secular Celebrant, blogger, and activist. He rips it up in the 49th episode of the Naked Diner. You will hear a passionate discussion about Galen’s experiences. After talking about the nuts and bolts of godless celebrancy (is that a word?) and the discrimination that he faces from the state of Illinois, the discussion pivots to him being in a mixed faith marriage. This isn’t your typical “he was always and atheist and she was always a believer” story. No. Galen deconverted in a rather dramatic way, and the advice he offers is insightful and entertaining.

But isn’t that what you expect in the Diner?

Prepare your ears for joy!

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Buy it. Wear it. It’s like being a superhero.

Galen has a super awesome blog Across Rivers Wide and he’s on the Twitters!

Co-host Jack has a site that is filled with podcasts of years past that you may enjoy.

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