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Roel Santos of the podcast World of Ro drops by the Naked Diner to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! I started celebrating with Alyson Hannigan (not the actress, but my bottle of Tequilla) before the episode started, so I’m a little more … vibrant than usual. We chat about not crapping our pants while interviewing people we admire and soooo much more!

Take a listen!

You can find Naked Diner on Stitcher, Google play, and iTunes!

Roel Santos can be found at the World of Ro!  What? He has a Facebook page, too? Indeedy! He is also on Twitter!

Co-host Jack has a site that is filled with podcasts of years past that you may enjoy.

You can find me on Twitter and Instagram!

And lastly…

We have a Patreon account! Your contribution will help Co-host Jack and I cover the costs of making episodes.    Any help you can provide will be appreciated! 

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Andrew Hall escaped a childhood of religious indoctrination and is now a non-miserable human being. He's made millions of people laugh as well as angry. (He hopes he's made the right people annoyed.) Targets...

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